Not enough hours in the day to combat  muck and grime?  We are here to clean your baby gear so you don’t have to!


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We tackle everything from crusty car seats & putrid prams to horrible highchairs  (and everything in between!)


Mould and potty accidents don’t stand a chance


Keep it clean & call TotsTeam!

How we do it?
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Why use us?

New baby? Pre-Loved Pram? Messy Toddler?

Reasons abound, and no time to waste!


Click here to find out why more and more parents are turning to  TotsTeam.

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No Mould is too much, no stain is small - TotsTeam will conquer all!

Services to suit all, from a basic freshen up to an intense deep clean - we have different levels of service to suit your need!


Prams, buggies, car seats, highchairs and much more...


The pram looks like new - Thank-you so much, now I dont need to buy another one!

- Lucy, Falkirk

I'm super pleased with my sparkly clean, car seat. Rebecca Mann from TotsTeam not sure how you did it. You must have had a magical wand in your toolbox along with your steamer?! Super service too.

- Kelley, Falkirk


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