As a busy mum of two Rebecca was in a constant battle against messy mitts to keep her baby equipment clean, shiny and most importantly hygienic!  She couldn't believe it that when she tried to find a company that  could help her with this, there were none to be found!  Lo and behold - TotsTeam was born.


Here at TotsTeam, we understand how difficult it can be to find a few spare moments in a day for a cup of tea - let alone time to properly and effectively clean your "well used" baby equipment!  TotsTeam have harnessed the natural superpower of Steam Cleaning and combined it with specially sourced products that pack a punch to make your baby gear sparkly, clean and shiny!  


Our expert knowledge, carefully sourced effective cleaning products and super charged steam cleaner mean that you can leave your equipment in our expert hands knowing that it will shortly be returned sparkly, sanitised and ready to go.