The Power of Steam

Here at TotsTeam we use a powerful “dry” steam appliance for the deep cleaning of your kids equipment. Steam temperature  of 120°C with pressure is capable of detaching and dissolving dirt, eliminating bacteria and dust mites as well, which are so often responsible for allergic reactions.  Dry Steam helps to speed the cleaning process up by leaving equipment perfectly clean and much drier than compared to other methods of cleaning.  The most energy efficient and effective form of cleaning.

In the 2007 Study, the Hygiene council found that nearly two thirds of baby highchairs in the home were contaminated with faecal matter and  bacteria that indicate a surface has been contaminated by raw meat, soil or unwashed vegetables.

Children's car seats have twice as many dangerous germs as the average toilet, a new study has revealed.


Scientists at the University of Birmingham took swabs from safety seats and discovered an average of 100 potentially dangerous bacteria and fungi lurking in each square centimetre.


In comparison a toilet was found to contain around half that number - with just 50 germs in the same area.


The bugs included bacteria that can lead to nasty illnesses, including E. coli and Salmonella.